Art Classes

"The student must set understanding as the goal. not self expression; the latter will arise naturally from the former.  In this light we can see that the value of the study of drawing goes beyond training professional artists.  There is not one of us who would not profit from the education of our vision".   - Edward Hill  "The Language of Drawing" 1966


Imagine you are once again a natural-born artist picking up a pencil and creating expressive marks on paper just as you did when a young child . . . 

Imagine playing joyfully with


Imagine becoming absorbed by the individuality of things around as you learn to see more and more of their intriguing patterns and intrinsic beauty . . .


My Promise to you is, that in attending my classes, you will once again become that joyful artist, developing the visual and technical skills to surpass what you achieved as a child.

You will be encouraged to express your own personal responses to the things you explore and discover.  In the process you will gain a deep satisfaction and appreciate even more the wonder and beauty of life.

I look forward to meeting you,

Dana Rose

Wednesday 1pm  -  3pm
Thursday 10am  -  12pm

Cost: $20 per class


1 1/2 Hours    Cost: $40

Phone: PH 021 051 3894 / +64 (03) 547 3374    Email:

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